Welcome to Nolensville Realty

October 30, 2015

If you live in Nolensville and are active on the local Facebook groups – Nolensville 411 and Bent Creek Community you have undoubtedly seen some of my posts. I’m notorious for marketing my Nolensville real estate listings every which way possible, and social media is a key ingredient. Locals have seen the unique video marketing I create for listings, and responded with great interest and enthusiasm.

Nolensville TN Real Estate

Photos are another important piece of marketing.

I envisioned www.NolensvilleLiving.com as a portal for all things Nolensville: life, business, people, and real estate… but over the months I thought about creating a more streamlined website simply for the Nolensville TN Real Estate side of things… and that brings us to this – www.NolensvilleRealty.com

This website offers a comprehensive Nolensville TN Real Estate property search function, complete with school ratings and walkability scores. Moving forward, my blogs here will focus solely on the Nolensville TN Real Estate side of things… and Nolensville Living will focus on features, stories, business, and people.

This community is booming, the people are charming, and I am proud to focus my real estate practice on serving friends and neighbors right here. My family moved to Nolensville in 2010 and we could not picture a more perfect community in which to raise our son and make countless, lasting memories.

I look forward to serving your real estate needs – I represent both buyers and sellers – and am excited about participating in the continued growth and development of this wonderful Tennessee town!