Final Nov. 2014 Nolensville Real Estate Sales Stats

October 30, 2015

The Williamson County Association of Realtors® (WCAR) has published final sales info for November, and like my initial analysis found, sales remain strong in Nolensville!

The headlining stat on November’s report is that home prices in Nolensville rose year-over-year by 17%. Closings, meanwhile, rose 7%.

The updates to my preliminary analysis:

  • The final residential closing tally in Williamson County Nolensville was 28…
  • The average closing price for those 28 homes was $433,481…
  • Average days on market for those 28 homes was 71.
  • End of the month inventory in Williamson County Nolensville is 110, and there were 32 pending transactions.

A couple thoughts… home sales have slowed somewhat in Nolensville compared to our hot start to the year. Several months this year, Nolensville led the county with the shortest days on market, but this month we lag Brentwood (52), Franklin (59), and Thompsons Station (54.)

I’ve noticed that existing homes are sitting on the market longer than new construction (of which there is lots.) This means home sellers are going to have to market harder to stand out – your biggest competition is likely coming from the builders.

I’m a Nolensville resident… I’m a Nolensville Realtor®… and I always offer a complimentary, no commitment, no pressure Comparative Market Analysis for my neighbors. Please let me know how I may assist you in the sale or purchase of a Nolensville property.

Note: The above information cites Williamson County sales data for Nolensville, Tennessee. There are, of course, a handful of Nolensville properties that also exist in Davidson and Rutherford counties, but for the purpose of this article I am focusing on Williamson County since a majority of Nolensville addresses fall within this geographic area.